Cat & Horse
January 2003
Cat (1998) and Horse (1998)
Spread for Roses Tatouees

Roses Tatouees is a magazine edited by the French artist Giasco Bertoli. It's a very open publication, basically a A3-sized newspaper, featuring black and white photographs by different artists, printed on thin pink paper. Photographs that often have poetic, slightly erotic overtones.

In 2003, Giasco Bertoli asked us to contribute a few images to the second issue of Roses Tatouees. We designed him a spread using two illustrations that we made originally in 1998. As a matter of fact, these illustrations were sketches for the Black Metal Machine installation that we created in 1998 for Bureau Amsterdam. We never used these sketches in the actual installation, that's why we thought it might be interesting to publish this (previously unreleased) material in Roses Tatouees.
We were especially interested to see how these two proverbial sinister animals (the 'black cat' and the 'dark horse') would fit in such a photographic, soft-focus context. Shown here the spread as we designed it:
experimental_jetset_cat98 experimental_jetset_horse98
These sketches appeared in Roses Tatouees in January 2003. Two months later (March 2003), these sketches were also published in Dutch art magazine Tubelight. Earlier, in 1999, a much larger selection of Black Metal Machine sketches appeared in art zine PPP (Paleo-Psycho-Pop Magazine).

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