Pop-Art Pantyhose
January 2003
Textile print for Ryuko-Tsushin

There are days that you are asked to participate in a bizarre project. Then there are days that you are asked to participate in two bizarre projects.
The same day that we were approached to participate in a group exhibition on the subject of garden gnomes (see White Dots), we also received a fax from an editor of Japanese magazine Ryuko-Tsushin, who approached us about a project on the subject of pantyhoses.
In short, Ryuko-Tsushin asked us to design a pattern for a pair of stockings. How we understood it, these stockings would then be distributed (as a gift to the readers) by the magazine. The name the magazine had given to the project was 'Pop-Art Pantyhose' (which, come to think of it, would make quite a good bandname for a Japanese rockband).

Overwhelmed by the absurdity of it, we decided to take on the assignments (both the garden gnome exhibition and the pantyhose project).
For Ryuko-Tsushin, we designed a pretty straight-forward pattern. We liked the idea of a piece of textile, printed with an image of ripped textile. It's like a building already showing its own ruins. A sort of 'memento mori', but then for pantyhoses. We know, this sounds ridiculous.

As a matter of fact, we never received an actual sample of the stockings. The stockings were, however, featured in a fashion shoot published in the magazine. But since the pattern was not clearly visible in that fashion shoot, we show you here the 'flat', digital image of the pattern:
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